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    Expedition Apocalypse      (National Geographic Channel)

In 1908, a mysterious explosion devastated hundreds of square miles and felled 80 million trees in Tunguska, Siberia. But no trace of its cause has ever been discovered. Was it a deadly asteroid or comet? Or a massive gas-fueled explosion from the volcanic depths? Two competing scientific teams travel to remote Siberia to search for evidence. And both bring back startling evidence. A century after the mega-explosion, is the Tunguska mystery about to be solved at last?

About Veriscope Pictures

Veriscope Pictures, a Boston-based company, produces science and history documentaries for television.

Principal, Dan Levitt, has had over sixteen years of experience producing programs for the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, the History Channel, the Discovery Health Channel, TBS, and PBS. His films have received an Emmy Award, Cine Golden Eagle, and Spur Award from the Western Writers of America. He co-produced an hour of the Peabody Award-winning Moonshot. A former Peace Corps Volunteer, Dan has a BA from Swarthmore College and an MFA in filmmaking.

Past Productions

Hunt for Aliens Beyond stereotyped images of UFOs and little green men, if you press many leading scientists, they will make a startling admission. Deep in their bones they believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. In this mind-bending special, scientists will reveal the evidence that has changed expectations about the existence of alien life. From an underground ocean on a planetary moon, to the discovery of distant planets, to a detailed imagining of what contact will be like, Hunt for Aliens takes a serious and scientific look at the greatest question of all: How will we meet ET? (National Geographic Channel's Naked Science series).

Preventing Armageddon Will we ever be able to stop an asteroid from devastating the earth, control hurricanes, or prevent a supervolcano from erupting? (National Geographic Channel's Naked Science series)

Dinosaurs Decoded With stunning animation, Dinosaurs Decoded brings to life a vision of dinosaurs unlike any you've ever seen before. Groundbreaking work by famed paleontologist Jack Horner and his colleagues reveals that dinosaurs underwent extreme transformations as they grew. They sprouted and lost horns and bumps on their skulls. And males shed dull colors for startlingly bright ones. A young Triceratops or T.rex may have looked so different from its parents you'd have a hard time recognizing it.

Horner is shaking up his colleagues by suggesting that the transformations were so dramatic that up to a third of all known dinosaur species may vanish as cases of mistaken identity; they may simply be misclassified youngsters. This special for the National Geographic Channel follows Horner and his colleagues as they uncover new fossils that suggest dinosaurs may have looked and behaved far differently than we ever believed. (National Geographic Channel).

Dinosaurs: Return to Life? Ever since Jurassic Park, we've dreamed of recreating dinosaurs. But the science behind this fantasy seemed impossible - until now. Remarkable genetic advances are revealing that the DNA of dinosaurs and birds are extremely similar. And scientists are uncovering ancient dinosaur traits in birds' DNA such as teeth and long dinosaur tails.

Advances in genetic engineering are moving so fast that, in the not-too-distant future, it may be possible to retro-engineer a proto-dinosaur from a bird. (Discovery Channel).

2057 - The Body, The City, The World. Veriscope Pictures' re-versioned Gruppe5's series about life in the future. How will new technologies from flying cars and organ transplants to intelligent cars change your life? See the future - 50 years from now.

We added new sequences, rewrote, and extensively reedited for the US broadcasts. (Discovery Channel).

Prophets of Science Fiction. Jules Verne and H.G. Wells predicted how we would reach the moon, the future of the submarine, and the invention of the atom bomb. How did these prophets of science fiction see the future with such uncanny accuracy? (Discovery International and The Science Channel).

Hitler's Lost Plan. We all know what Hitler did, but why did he do it? The discovery of an unpublished sequel to Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler opens a new window into Hitler's bizarre mind. Among the revelations: as early as 1928, Hitler was planning to attack America. (History Channel).

Brilliant Minds: Secrets of the Cosmos. The tumultuous lives and brilliant minds of Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. (The Science Channel). 2004 Cine Golden Eagle. Houston-Worldfest Gold Special Jury Award.

Medical Secrets: Marilyn Monroe. A psychological biography of Marilyn Monroe that explains her drug use, many troubled years of daily Freudian therapy, and her accidental overdose. (Discovery Health Channel).

Custer's Last Stand. Battlefield archaeologists use crime-scene forensics to discover the real story. (Discovery Channel's Unsolved History).

Forensics in the White House. Sam Byck's little-known attempt to assassinate Richard Nixon. Alexander Graham Bell invents the metal detector in an attempt to save President Garfield's life. Was Zachary Taylor poisoned? (Unsolved History).

Mummies of the Philippines. Scientists investigate ancient mummies in caves in the Philippine highlands. (Discovery Channel).

Secrets of the Samurai. Samurai swordfighting, castles, swordmaking, and armor making. (Discovery Channel).

The Next Plague. CDC and Malaysian scientists struggle to contain the outbreak of an emerging virus that killed over 200 people in Malaysia. (Discovery Channel).

Moonshot. The story of America's quest to reach the moon. Co-produced an hour on the Gemini Program. (TBS). Peabody Award.

Over 25 stories for Discover Magazine and History Channel's This Week in History, from artificial intelligence and the mysterious cause of mutant frogs to Napoleon in Egypt and a new theory that explains the Salem witch trials.





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